Partner with Group Takey to Drive Innovation and Growth

At Group Takey, we believe that collaboration is key to achieving success in the ever-evolving technology landscape. Our Technology Partnership Program is designed to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with industry leaders, technology providers, and service partners. By partnering with us, you can leverage our expertise and resources to deliver exceptional solutions and drive innovation.

Why Partner with Group Takey?

1. Access to Cutting-Edge Technology: Collaborate with a leading technology firm known for its expertise in web development, digital transformation, AI, cybersecurity, and more. Our partnerships provide access to the latest tools and technologies, enabling you to offer advanced solutions to your clients.

2. Enhanced Market Reach: Expand your market presence by aligning with a trusted partner that has a proven track record of delivering high-quality solutions. Our extensive network and industry reputation can help you reach new audiences and grow your business.

3. Joint Marketing Opportunities: Benefit from co-branded marketing efforts, joint webinars, and collaborative events. We work together to create impactful campaigns that highlight the strengths of both organizations and attract new clients.

4. Technical Support and Training: Gain access to comprehensive technical support and training resources. Our team is committed to providing the knowledge and assistance you need to effectively integrate and utilize our solutions.

5. Revenue Growth: Explore new revenue streams through our partnership program. Whether it’s through referral incentives, revenue sharing, or joint solution offerings, we provide opportunities for financial growth and success.

Partnership Opportunities

We offer a range of partnership opportunities to suit different business needs and goals:

1. Technology Integration Partners: Collaborate with us to integrate our solutions with your technology stack, enhancing functionality and delivering greater value to your clients.

2. Solution Providers: Partner with us to offer complementary solutions that address a wide range of client needs. Our joint solutions can drive more comprehensive and effective outcomes.

3. Resellers and Distributors: Join our network of resellers and distributors to expand your product offerings and leverage our technology in your sales efforts.

4. Strategic Alliances: Form strategic alliances with Group Takey to collaborate on large-scale projects, research and development, and industry initiatives.

How to Become a Technology Partner

1. Explore Partnership Opportunities: Review our partnership opportunities to determine which aligns best with your business objectives and strengths.

2. Contact Us: Reach out to our partnership team at to discuss potential collaboration and learn more about our partnership program.

3. Submit a Partnership Proposal: Complete and submit a partnership proposal form [link to the form] outlining your goals, capabilities, and how you envision our partnership.

4. Partnership Review: Our team will review your proposal and schedule a meeting to discuss the details of the partnership, including terms, expectations, and opportunities for collaboration.

5. Formalize the Partnership: Once both parties agree on the terms, we will formalize the partnership and begin working together to achieve shared goals.

Current Partners