Cyber Desk - Registration Desk Software

CYBER DESK is a Registration Desk Software which is developed by GroupTakey for exhibitions, corporate
events and expos ...

  • Visitors Entry Records
  • Delegates Entry Records
  • Exhibitors Entry Records
  • Organisers Entry Records
Our Features

BillANTS is secured platform for SME (SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES) it is End-to-end Encrypted, your data is secured and accessible from any device with your secure login credentials, if you forget your login credentials you can easily recover it securely in easy steps.

  • Clean interface
  • Cloud based portal which can access from anywhere
  • Admin User with full access
  • Visitor, Delegate, Exhibitor, Organisor login users to access only their data
  • Print Count for ID cards
  • ID cards with Barcode
  • Speed search to search entry
  • Optimised and bug free portal
  • Export data in the end to get full records in CSV, Excel
  • Get barcode data in mobile app and contact organiser to get visitor data